‘He didn’t have any money, just school loans. He was younger than I was. Almost 4 years to be exact. My engagement ring was small. My proposal was simple.’

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“He didn’t have any money, just school loans.

– I didn’t care.

He was younger than I was, by quite a bit. Almost four years to be exact.

– I didn’t care.

He didn’t know how to dress. His Wranglers were about an inch shorter than they should have been.

– I didn’t care.

His truck didn’t have any air conditioning. And it was 10,000 degrees the summer we started dating.

– I didn’t care.

He couldn’t dance to save his life. (A fact which he still disputes to this day, but even his own mother agrees with me on this one.)

– I didn’t care.

He had holes in his ostrich-skin boots.

– I didn’t care.

He didn’t talk a lot.

– I didn’t care.

He didn’t always say the right things. He didn’t take me on big, fancy dates. He preferred just casually hanging out around his tiny, messy apartment.

He loved to argue. He purposely pushed my buttons. He disagreed with me, he had to make meticulous plans for everything we did, he made me listen to talk radio for crying out loud.

He was so stubborn. He was so set in his ways. He couldn’t be convinced to do anything, to say anything to believe anything he didn’t want to.

– I didn’t care.

My engagement ring was small. My proposal was simple.

– I didn’t care.

He was still in school. He didn’t know where he was going to live. He didn’t have a job.

– I didn’t care.

I just loved him. I just wanted to be with him. I just wanted to live my life with him by my side, telling me corny jokes and driving me crazy.

It was so simple.

He just made me laugh. He just made me smile. He just made everything so easy.

He just took care of me. He just accepted me. He just looked at me and made the whole world right.

He just let me know that he’d never leave. He just reminded me that he was always on my side. He just told me he always had my back. And I told him he always had my heart.

And that’s how I knew he was the one: I didn’t care. I didn’t care about anyone except him. I didn’t care about being anywhere except right where he was. I didn’t care about anything except sharing this life with him.

To every girl out there right now, desperate to find “the one,” anxious to know what it will feel like and look like and be like. To every girl out there ready to settle. To every girl out there doodling in her journal, drawing up her perfect man, filling her head with lofty expectations.

I can’t tell you who the right guy is for you. I can’t tell you what he looks like, or what he does, or where you’ll find him.

But I can tell you this: When you meet him, you’ll know. You’ll throw the list away. You’ll stop trying to make him measure up. You’ll laugh at how different he looks than the image of Prince Charming you created in your mind.

He won’t be perfect, but I promise, you won’t care.”

Amy Weatherly

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