‘I can’t stop staring’: Everyone is freaking out about this dog with a human face

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Meet Yogi. An (alleged) Shih-poo who is 1-year-old. We say alleged because Yogi is clearly a man trapped in the body of a dog. As Yogi makes hilarious waves online for having the face of a man, people are conflicted. While owner Chantal Desjardins remains unconvinced, her friend spotted the clear human resemblance.

What do you think, do you see it?

“Yogi is the best puppy. Super snuggly and fluffy. Loves to play all day. My friend commented on it and said the one on the left looks like a man and I can’t stop staring!

Chantal Desjardins
Chantal Desjardins

My parents actually got him last April so he’s really the family dog. I think it’s crazy what is happening right now because I don’t see a human, only my puppy!”

Chantal Desjardins
Chantal Desjardins

As the debate rages on, people think they really see the resemblance in the eyes.

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