‘Isn’t that just what marriage is… It’s the little things making you realize you’re still in love’

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“I wrote this in bed last night.

Today we woke up happy. As I drove to work we were chatting and somehow one of us took something the wrong way and we both had a tantrum and ended up hanging up in a bad place.

We barely spoke all day and then the same thing happened later in the afternoon. I think we both just needed space after a massive weekend.

Well tonight I came home and Finn was struggling. He couldn’t get to sleep and he’s all blocked and unable to breathe comfortably. She’s spent all night in there so far.

Isn’t that just what marriage is…

It’s being so close to someone that sometimes you need to just not hear them talk for a while.

It’s being secure enough to be able to have an argument and not dream of throwing it all in.

It’s watching the mother of your children still putting everyone else before herself.

It’s realising how silly your issues are when someone in the family isn’t doing well.

It’s trying to offer even more help because you know she has to work early tomorrow.

It’s sitting in the other room worrying because she’s gonna be so tired but she refuses to leave him because he ‘just wants mumma’ and she’d rather struggle the next day than leave him upset.

It’s laying here awake ready to race her out of bed the next time he startles.

It’s the little things making you realize you’re still in love.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Bad days happen!”


This story was written by Brad Kearns of DaDMum. The article originally appeared here. Submit your story here, and be sure to subscribe to our best love stories here.

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