Love is all you need

‘People look at me and my 4 kids and assume I’m just giving mom some ‘kid-free’ time. I just laugh.’: Man becomes full-time dad after emotional divorce, realizes kids need ‘all of him’

“I began to get random phone calls about my wife’s nighttime activities. ‘She’s my soul mate. She’ll come around,’ I’d tell myself. She started hinting at divorce, but I’d stop the conversation dead in its tracks. Then, she stopped showing up. The defining moment for me was seeing all of my kids asleep at the front door, hoping to see their mom if she happened to come home that night. My babies needed me to be strong for them.”

‘Then came… ‘the hair.’ WHY was her hair so darn fluffy?’ Mom shocked to learn of daughter’s ‘ultra-rare hair condition’ called ‘Uncombable Hair Syndrome’

“‘Aw, what a cutie with that head of fuzzy hair! Don’t you worry though, it’ll fall out soon,’ a nurse chattered as she walked us into an exam room. ‘It won’t,’ I thought to myself. My daughter was too old to still have this fuzzy head of hair. That’s when it hit me: something about my daughter was different.”

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