‘The day you were born Daddy was wearing this shirt.’

“When Josh got home from work – he saw Amelia in the dress. I asked him if he remembered why that shirt was so special.  His whole face change in the realization of the significance of the shirt. He was so thrilled and picked Amelia up for a huge hug and told her why the shirt was so special.”

‘We pulled into the cemetery. As she opened the door, there it was. Two vials of glitter.’: Widow finds humor in the special way she and daughter honor their beloved late police officer husband, father

“We pulled into the beautiful cemetery, making our way to the mausoleum that housed my sweet husband. I wanted to scream, ‘come out of there right now.’ It struck me, we didn’t have anything to leave behind. Then she opened the car door. I bet he secretly likes it. I bet he’s smiling. I bet he’s telling all his friends in Heaven the story about the time he was covered in glitter while writing a ticket in the sun.”

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