My family said, ‘I told you so.’ Why didnt I notice it? I wanted to pretend it never happened.: Mom first denies sons autism diagnosis, now advocates for acceptance, inclusion

“We vacuum when hes not home, use the blender in the garage and I cant blow dry my hair unless hes asleep. Once he sees the appliance, its an instant tantrum. Truth be told, Im scared. Scared hell be bullied for being different. Im so, so, terrified of that. ‘Is he going to live a normal life? Will he get married, have kids? I still feel broken at times.”

15 years ago, my first daughter was born. She was our princess. But 11 years ago, God gave me Princess.: Woman shocked how sponsorship of little girl 11 years ago would change her life, I am forever thankful

She wasnt my first daughter, or my second, or my third. My first picture of her showed a scared, sad, little toddler. And for several years after, she still had a look of sadness on her face. Because she was so young, her mother wrote letters to me about Princess, and Id write letters back. But in October, she wrote my favorite letter. My biggest prayer for her had been answered.

I am tired of being in pain. He started to cry. I was so oblivious to it. I thought he was better.: Air Force husband overdoses on pain pills after suffering PTSD, Im too young to be a widow, Im only 26

Gavin came home from work complaining he wasnt feeling well. I brushed it off thinking he had the flu. I want to go lay down. He then called my name. I think I need to go to the hospital and get checked out. I started down the hallway with him in front of me when he passed out. My mind raced the whole way to the hospital. I knew this was serious. After the doctors questioned him, he finally confessed. As soon as they walked out, I knew it wasnt good. Were so sorry. His body was too weak.

‘At the nail salon, I felt a heavy substance drop onto my underwear. ‘No!’ I tightened my legs.’: Woman miscarries baby in nail salon ‘horror scene,’ vows to always ‘honor my little one’

“The ultrasound tech went silent. ‘Will I be getting my pictures today?’ I asked. I was in such a good mood. ‘No. If there was anything there, I would’ve shown you. There’s nothing.’ She was so heartless, her tone dry. I felt dizzy. I held my husband close, tears rolling down my face. He convinced me to get my nails done to distract my mind.”

‘I am meant to be a heroin addict forever.’ I truly believed it. ‘What happened to me?’ That damn needle.’: Woman overcomes opioid addiction, fulfills childhood dream of becoming pro wrestler, ‘I’m living my wildest dreams’

“Senior year of high school. I felt sick. It spiraled completely out of control. Im sniffing heroin and smoking crack cocaine like its going to get me into Harvard or something. I looked at my father and told him, ‘I need help.’ My dad wanted nothing to do with me, he was done. That really hurt.”

‘This is the mask of a Type 1 Diabetic caregiver. You’ll find us at 3 a.m. just trying to keep our child alive.’: Mom to son with Type 1 Diabetes claims ‘we are the strongest mothers you will ever meet’

“We are supported to teach our kids to dream. But their dream is a cure. Firefighter, pilot. ‘Too risky,’ we tell them. The anxiety of death is real. Instead, we train them to get a job with ‘good benefits,’ a conversation no parent should be having with an 11 year old. You’ll find us at 3 a.m., wide awake, just trying to keep our child alive.”

You wont get over it.’ And you shouldnt. My grandma still gets choked up about her angel baby.: Woman suffers twin miscarriage, I talk to our babies every day

“I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen my grandma emotional. 50 years after she lost her baby, she sat across from her two granddaughters and bravely told the story through teary eyes. Her face was glowing, every emotion so pronounced. 50 years later, and my ferociously strong and stubborn grandma is still grieving. You and I will grieve our babies forever, too.”

Can I see my boy for one more goodbye? A nurse gave him his first and only haircut. He was truly perfect.: Couple loses son to stillbirth, anxious about new pregnancy, My first is in heaven, Ill meet him there someday

We rushed into the emergency room. I was bleeding so badly I thought I was going to die right there in the hospital alone. My husband was stuck checking me in for what seemed like forever. The events that happened next took place so fast, but as I look back on it now, the initial care I was given makes me so mad and sad. Once she finally realized the severity of what was happening, she ran for back up. I wanted to follow him right up to heaven. I begged God to take me too.

I want to help him. I’ll never forget his boss’ words to me. I didn’t want people to know.’: Family struggles with husband’s alcohol addiction, ‘We were broken’

“When I walked in, he looked at me. I could see the fear in his eyes. He whispered through his tears, Im scared, I dont want to go. Everything in me wanted to protect him, to hug him and tell him he could stay. That we could figure this out together. With tears streaming down my face and a strength I never knew I had, I said, You have to go.”

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