‘You need to have it looked at, and quickly!’ My heart dropped. I went from a normal person to being disabled.: Young woman survives rare bone cancer twice, Cancer taught me to live each day like its my last

’How could I have bone cancer at age 25?!’ I called my mom immediately after, sobbing in my car. She was shocked. I was finally able to get married after delaying my wedding, but I still had persistent pain. The surgeon said, ‘We cannot be sure if some cancer was left behind.’. It taught me to cherish every day I have on this earth. Things can change in a blink of an eye.

‘My kids were eating breakfast when I heard a knock. A sheriff’s deputy greeted me. ‘Your husband’s been killed.’ My world came crashing down.’: Widow talks turning grief into a positive thanks to StoryWorth

“We were awaiting my son Jesse’s arrival for a big celebration. Instead, the Marines met me. ‘Your son’s been killed.’ He died driving home, on the same highway, in the same state where his father died 14 years earlier. I could sense Jesse saying, Okay, God, Ill go with You, but dont let my mama hurt. I immediately felt a tangible peace cover me.”

My new wife is younger and we have a daughter.’ He smashed photos of my sons. I am worth more.: Woman escapes abuse, alcoholism, creates her own recovery program to give back, I survived for a reason

I was living with a very dangerous individual. With him gone, the nightmare became more real. I felt unsafe in the house. You cant change locks on a shared ownership home. One day, I came home to find my bed had disappeared, along with all the mirrors. He would not stop until he had destroyed everything. The house was repossessed and I received a Christmas card from him. Hope you and your sons are cold on the streets this Christmas. Heres hoping you prosper.

Hes using again. Im heartbroken. If you see him, give him a hug. Say a prayer. Tell him his mom misses him.: Mom painfully describes loving her addict son, It hurts. I want a do-over. I want my son back.

The saddest part is, I know he wants to stop this. Ive attended too many funerals of good kids who couldnt win against this monster. Ive lost my son, but there hasnt been a funeral. He is no longer there. I can see him, yet I mourn for him every day. It hurts. I want a do over. I want a second chance to protect him from this monster. I want my son back.

‘You show up when you’re tired. You hug me when I cry and don’t back down when things look bleak. I am on sacred ground with you.’: Mom shares touching ode to pediatric nurses

“When people ask me, What is it like to live in the hospital? the first images that come to my mind are your faces and your hands. You listen and teach. You take the time to help us understand. You bring me coffee and chocolate. You look me in the eye when you give good or bad news. I have never been more honored to witness anyone fulfill their calling in life. I am on sacred ground with you.”

My mom noticed a hole above my tailbone she could fit her pinky into. The doctors told her, ‘As long as its covered with skin, it’s nothing to worry about.’: Woman with spina bifida and fibromyalgia suffers from back attacks and wild symptoms

During birth, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. In order to save my life, the doctor had to act fast. My mom’s tailbone was broken. Then like any other mom, she diligently looked over my body and immediately noticed a hole above my own tailbone. The doctors told her, ‘It’s nothing to worry about.’ But at 7 days old, I had a temperature of 104 degrees. As I grew, so did the tumor. It tightly wrapped around my bladder and kidneys, slowly killing me.

‘I caught a glimpse of her little polka dot covered legs in Best Buy. Tears came to my eyes. Like a gut punch, I realized just how much I’m going to miss this one day.’: Mom urges ‘soak in every moment’ with your ‘wild child’

“Shes our wild child. We are at a loss when it comes to how to parent her. She has pushed me to tears with the many ways I feel I’m failing her as amother. And yet, shes amazing. She will not and cannot bend to our will. She refuses to be anything but herself. That is the kind of strength I only wish I could find within myself.”

‘You look amazing. You’ve definitely lost weight.’ If he didn’t text me back, Id assume the worst. I was extremely controlling.: Woman suffers from eating disorder, mental illness, loss of grandfather taught her to get the help I needed

I said to him, ‘Pup, its ok if you cant make it to the wedding.’ I’d think, ‘Ill never have a photo of me and Pup in my wedding dress. Ill never have the opportunity to eat my wedding dinner with him. Hell never meet my children.’ I hit the lowest low I ever had. Before my husband and I walked down the aisle, I couldnt help but feel like Pup was there. I said to my now husband, ‘Hes here. I can feel it.’ My husband grabbed my hand. I know.

‘We’re tired. We cannot relax. Our bodies are battle-scarred. Truth is, we thirtysomethings have let ourselves go. No. We have let our SELVES go.’: Mom finds ‘bliss’ in the chaos of 30s motherhood

“I see you at the school drop-off. Sometimes, we exchange a little smile, an I get it.’ But more often, you dont see me. You’re chasing your toddler down the aisles, watching your pre-schooler like a hawk as she climbs a little too high, or reaching for a wet wipe. Up on the hill are the shiny twentysomethings selfie-snapping, rested, and toned. Magnificently oblivious to what is coming their way. They dont even see us. Or if they do, they swear they will never be us.”

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