‘My Uber driver had tears rolling down his cheeks. ‘I wish I could’ve done more. Why couldn’t I bring her back?’: Woman shares touching moment with stranger, ‘you never know what hardships people have endured’

“John was my Uber driver to the airport yesterday. ‘My daughter died unexpectedly. She left behind a 4-year-old son,’ he said. ‘You remind me of her. You share the same kind heart.’ He couldnt resuscitate her. He tried to breathe life into his daughters lifeless body, but he found her far too late. My heart melted into my stomach. We talked like wed known each other our whole lives on our 25-minute drive.”

I have breast cancer. I said on the operating table. The nurse wiped my tears. I know. And we have you.: Mom diagnosed with breast cancer 6 hours before giving birth to first child, This baby saved my life

I sat in my 38-week OB appointment. Id been told the lump in my breast was fibrous, and wed watch it. But I knew differently. I felt it in my bones. I asked her to feel the lump. Her face said everything. My doctor called and said, kiddo. I heard cancer, and my eyes became gushers. My husband held me. Just cry. Just cry. Hours later, I was giving birth to my daughter. She saved my life.

‘Private conversations are not to be confused with public gossip. A good friend is hard to come by.’: Moms candid advice on adult friendships, ‘If you have one, hang on tight. Life is easier when you find your people.

Mean Girls is so 2004. It is not funny to exclude people on purpose. It is not cute to be nice to someones face and tear them apart the minute they leave the room. If you do it to others, its only a matter of time before you turn on me. Nice people are my kind of people.

I have to tell you something. Im so sorry. I burst into tears. I hated others being sad about our baby.: Parents shocked by Down syndrome diagnosis after signing paperwork to not do genetic testing, We are keeping the baby

This embryo was a fighter from the beginning – it took. Then I got a life changing phone call. Your baby has Down syndrome, the nurse informed me. WHAT? We signed paperwork saying we DIDNT want any blood tests. The nurse, in an effort to bond with me, told me how she got pregnant naturally with twins. One of the twins died, and the other twin had Down syndrome, so she terminated. We would have taken that baby, my husband replied.

‘Are you planning to have kids?’ At 28, my husband had a vasectomy in his first marriage. I felt robbed.’: Stepmom battling infertility laments ‘my husband ‘had it all’ with another woman’

“‘Everything will change when you have your own kids together. The comments stung. He had a vasectomy in his first marriage. I felt robbed. He had the young love. He married young. As we enter our 3rd year of infertility, will his first wife will be the only woman who will share this part of him? The part I always wished for? I made it ‘my fault’ we couldnt get pregnant. I lied, covered up the truth.”

‘Time’s up!’ My landlord arrives at 7 a.m. to change the locks. Now, I live in a car with my 7-year-old.’: Woman details domino effect of poverty, urges us to ‘be thankful’ for what we have

“All it takes is one unexpected bill, one fender bender, one lay-off, one house fire. I pay to shower at local truck stops and eat whatever can be cooked in a gas station microwave. Someone sees my daughter and I daughter living like this and calls CPS. They remove her from my care. Next, I lose my job. ‘An employee losing their child reflects poorly on this company. My window is smashed, my belongings stolen. I call the homeless shelter: ‘The beds are all full.’ We are all so close to homelessness.”

‘Nobody loves me. Not even my mom.’ He sobs, his belongings in a trash bag for the next foster home.’: Social worker shares heartbreaking story of boy stuck in ‘broken’ foster care system

“‘Stephen ran away. You need to adopt him,’ my boss emails. My stomach drops. Instead, I buckle him in my Toyota for the next placement. He sobs an aching sound. It was a home he thought he would stay in. He felt affection there. Months later, in another removal, he runs around the living room and ducks behind furniture, refusing to leave. But on this night, he had no fight in him.”

Mom, something awful is happening to me. They found embalming fluid in my system, causing me to black out.: Young woman overcomes meth addiction, hidden sexual abuse on camera, My awful memories no longer haunt me, I am healed

I was 18-years old when I met him. I moved in with this man who was 17 years older. He told me he loved me. I believed him. He convinced me to do things, including recording our sexual encounters. These are just for us to watch, he promised. I checked his browser history, horrified at what I found. Our sexual encounters were being posted on a pornography site.

Is she your only one? Awkward silence. Nope. She has an older brother. He died.: Mother of stillborn sons candid response to strangers prying questions, He should be here

My daughter and I went to the mall. She was waving at everyone. It prompted an older couple to strike up a conversation. Shes so cute and friendly, they told me. How old is she? Shes big for her age! Then the inevitable question was asked. I just thought, How do I get myself out of this conversation? I wonder what would happen if I just said, My son died, then walked away.

‘Mommy, change my diaper!’ Someday, I’ll quit using dry shampoo and be me again.’:Mom shares candid look at the loss of personal identity that comes with parenting

“Someday, I’ll quit using dry shampoo. I’ll dye my hair regularly and take care of my nails. I’ll choose my clothing as a fashion statement instead of knotting my shirt over a stain. I’ll even read grown-up books instead of books about little monsters. But right now isn’t that ‘someday.’ And I’m okay with being mostly mommy.”

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