‘My Facebook dinged and woke me. I figured it was a random message from a friend. It wasn’t. ‘Could it be?!’ My heart sank.’ Adopted woman discovers biological family in message she nearly ‘ignored’

“The day became more life-changing by the minute. I soon learned who my biological father was. For 36 years, I wondered why I looked the way I did, where my personality traits came from. Yet, I was not searching for a dad. I already had one. An AMAZING one. I didn’t want to disrupt any lives.”

When will we hear the patter of tiny feet? You dont want to be OLD parents, do you?: Family adopts 2 children after struggling for years with infertility

The phone call that changed our life. It was 8 p.m. on a Wednesday when the phone rang. It was our social worker. How would you like to come and meet a baby boy? Hes almost 6 weeks old. My scream must have deafened her. Wed been waiting to adopt a child for two years and before that had spent five long, desperate years of infertility tests and treatments to try for one of our own.

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