Im ok babe, I overslept. My phone lit up with her beautiful face. We went to my hotel room rather than dinner.: Boyfriend discovers his baby overdosed in bed next to him, despite being happiest in a long time

“She didn’t want me to stay at her apartment because of her obsessed ex that was still showing up uninvited, and unannounced. She was the most beautiful person I’d laid eyes on. She had 3 little girls she loved dearly. All our demons had disappeared. Or so I thought. My sweet Elena told me she was going to the bathroom to take some medicine. Then we sat and talked. I love you so much, just dont hurt me. How silly I thought. She went to sleep soon afterwards.”

Where do I go? His voice cracked. My ex-husband slept on my couch, Id lock my bedroom door and leave.’: Mom recalls awkward co-parenting while her ex-husband slept on her couch after marriage split

I dont want to keep doing this. I cant. I was sitting on the floor of our dream home. What? His voice cracked. I could hear the pain and disbelief. Is this really happening? I knew in my gut I wouldnt recover in this marriage. I needed space. I needed to find out if I could survive this hidden trauma. Id been lying to the world, but worse, Id been lying to myself. I hated sharing my new home.”

‘Women tell girls to ‘never depend on a man’ as if it makes you less of a woman. Well, call me weak. I depend on this man right here.’: Woman admits she ‘needs, depends on’ husband despite criticism

“Im not scared to say I depend on my husband for so much, and that doesnt make me weak. In fact, it takes a strong person to depend on someone else with their whole heart. Hes my home base, the onealways there to help carry whatever life throws at me. Im showing my kids that a strong woman is one who knows how to depend on a man without losing herself along the way.”

‘I understand you’re not in the stadium to see the marching band or cheerleaders, but PLEASE clap for our kids, too.’: Band, cheer mom reminds us to ‘yell, applaud’ for the marching band, ‘they work incredibly hard too’

“At most high schools, the football team is applauded and admired while the marching band is made fun of. The halftime show is their chance, for a few minutes, to be cheered on. Please DO cheer. Their formations are equivalent to touchdowns. They march, practice, and give up summer free time in 90-degree heat to get their ‘game’ ready, too. There’s no ‘marching band madness.’ The newspaper won’t give a run-down of their show. The halftime show IS their big moment.”

This is my house. You will respect me. I didnt see him until 3 a.m. before OUR DAUGHTER WAS BORN.: Retired Air Force mom leaves narcissistic husband after nearly 9 years, never felt happier in my life as single mom

Each day I came home, more things were missing. Not just random papers. Im talking, MY stuff. When questioned, I got, Im doing what needs to be done, dont question me. I was like his child, not his wife. I married a full-blown narcissist. Ugh, I finally said it. I couldnt live like that anymore. There was no sign of life, it didnt feel like a home. So I left – 6 months pregnant with two small children in tow.

‘I clung to his casket, stroking his cold cheeks. My entire world lay there, lifeless, nothing but a shell.’: Woman loses grandma to lung cancer, then loses mom and brother to addiction shortly after

“I noticed my brother kept ‘falling asleep’ while talking to me. He tried to explain it away, but I knew he was lying. ‘You’re nodding out, James. Are you high?’ He finally put his head in his hands and started to cry, shaking his head yes. ‘I learned how to shoot up.’ I was devastated. Now, I must listen to his playlist to feel closer to him. My baby brother is gone.”

‘Please quit, that’s enough.’ I leaned over you as we tried to pump life back into your soul again.’: Nurse pens emotional tribute to patients lost, admits she loses ‘a little of myself’ every time

“The look in your eyes said you were already gone. Your family wept, told us to keep trying. They didnt want to let you leave. So, we continued on. Medications. Shocks. Pumps. Sweat poured down my face. I tried to hide my tearsby staring at my shoelaces. We watched the life leave your body and go to a place none of us know or understand. We tried so hard to save you. We just couldnt do it that day.”

Sweet boy, Mommy and Daddy love you so much. His silent 3-pound body was wrapped in a blanket.: Parents of child loss know they will see son in heaven, celebrate living twins life while grieving their loss

We cried, touching him gently. The room was filled with silence. What color would you like Noahs casket? What outfit will he be buried in? I struggled to answer. I couldnt stop thinking, Im not supposed to be making these decisions. Parents arent supposed to bury their children. We celebrate his twin brother Liam as we grieve Noah. But death is not the end. We will see Noah in heaven some day.

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