‘You’re trying to kill my husband!’ He was ‘cleared’ to go home, then life-flighted. All eyes were on me.’: Veteran husband passes due to ‘malpractice, aneurysms,’ ‘our love didn’t end in death, it goes on forever’

“As tears fell from my eyes, he kissed my hands. He told me how much he loved them, how he could pick them out of a crowd of people. Before they wheeled him off to his final surgery, we made love. ‘If I’m going to die, I want to die happy!’ He sang the electric slide on his way out, trying to get people in the hallway to join in. When the surgeon returned, I saw blood on his shoes. ‘It’s okay to go now, John. It’s okay.’ I kissed his face. It was unrecognizable.”

‘I blacked out and collapsed. ‘We’re taking your baby,’ I heard someone say. I woke up not knowing where I was. I tried to tell them I was in pain, but couldn’t talk.’

“I saw nurses running back and forth. My parents waited for the helicopter to land. ‘They have to do surgery right now or she’ll die.’ My husband pulled over, went behind a building, and cried. ‘How am I going to raise 4 kids alone?!’ My oldest son was too scared to touch me. ‘I’m scared I’m going to hurt you, mama.’”

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