‘Chemo would make my breast milk toxic to my son. Cancer had already robbed me of the pure joy of a new baby. I was not about to sit back and let it take away breastfeeding my son.’

“Here we were newlyweds of just 4 months, with 4 children together, one of whom was just a week old. The only option I had was to find a family member or friend who would be willing to latch Malcolm to their breast once a week so he would remember how to do it if and when the time came for me to try.”

‘She seemed off. Not eating, stomach aches, lying around. The pediatrician basically laughed at Tim, confused why they were there. How did all the doctors miss it?’

“It started with a fever, and then her limp would get bad and she would be up all-night crying and screaming in pain. Eventually she slept in our bed because I couldn’t keep going back and forth to her room. What about our other daughter, Lily?! We were going to have a new baby almost any time! I immediately left the room and sobbed.”

‘You’re really lucky you came in today, because something is definitely wrong.’: Woman strives to overcome unexpected Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis

“The day was Friday the 13th and I STILL had this annoying, itchy, dry cough. ‘They want me to go to the hospital. They don’t want me to drive there, and they want me to go now,’ I nervously explained to my husband. All I can think is WHAT IS GOING ON? About 30 minutes later a doctor and a nurse come in. ‘We think it’s cancer,’ they said. After that, I blacked out.”

‘I was home alone. I was getting into bed when I took off my bra. That’s when I felt it.’: Woman diagnosed with ‘very fast, aggressive cancer’ knew she was going to ‘beat this,’ would ‘not give in to fear’

“I was 24, I had everything. I couldn’t imagine life being more perfect, and at that age didn’t even think that life could take a turn. But it always does, doesn’t it? As my poor doctor talked about all the future would bring for me, I started joking with him. He was weirded out by it, but he eventually got used to me. I had to add wedding wig shopping to the list, but it didn’t matter. I would have married him bald.”

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