‘My grade school bully died today. I want more people to be like him. I wonder if he knew how much his apology meant to me.’: Man befriends childhood bully, ‘it’s never too late to say sorry’

“For many years, if his name was mentioned, I didn’t have a kind word to say. Then, one day, I received a friend request from him on Facebook. Life after school had not been kind to him. He offered an honest, heartfelt apology. To this day, he is the only one to ever say, ‘I’m sorry.’ I made a new friend out of an old enemy.”

‘Three more weeks and we will never have to say goodbye again.’: Man recounts ‘fairy tale’ love story after fiance’s tragic death in car accident

“Dana was different than all the other girls. She had that classic All-American, girl next door quality. I was in awe. We became serious ‘girlfriend-boyfriend’ immediately. Monday night, we stood out in front of her house to say goodnight. We hugged, kissed and talked for 30 minutes. I smiled, kissed her again and said, ‘I love you.’ That’s the last time I saw Dana.”

‘It started with the dreams, but then it got real. I couldn’t deny it anymore.’: Grieving wife finds ‘signs, winks’ EVERYWHERE from late husband

“Before he got sick, we used to joke about ghosts and spirits. He would make fun of me and taunt me with things like Ouija boards. I told him if anything ever happened to me, I was going to come back and prove that spirits can come around. He laughed and said, ‘Okay, I’ll come back and show you, too.’ And boy, has he been showing me.”

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