‘I think Evely is blind,’ my husband said. In my dreams, she had big, brown eyes. Turns out, she had NO EYES.’: Mom gives birth to baby with Anophthalmia, claims ‘my child who is blind is teaching me to see’

“As parents, we often have this pre-conceived idea about our children. What they will be like, how they will look. It can be devastating when the picture doesn’t end up looking like the one we drew in our minds. But just because it looks different, doesn’t mean it will be any less sweet. In fact, it will probably be better than the picture you created.”

‘Something was seriously wrong with our daughter’s eyes. They were mostly pupil! I couldn’t look at my baby without feeling like I’d already failed her.’ After ‘normal, healthy’ pregnancy, mom receives Axenfeld-Rieger diagnosis

“Her eyes were expanding, cracking her cornea. I thought I’d done something wrong during my pregnancy. Should I have eaten better? Did this happen because I forgot to take a few prenatal vitamins? Others noticed the difference. People admired her beauty, but I felt conflicted.”

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