heart murmur

‘You’re trying to kill my husband!’ He was ‘cleared’ to go home, then life-flighted. All eyes were on me.’: Veteran husband passes due to ‘malpractice, aneurysms,’ ‘our love didn’t end in death, it goes on forever’

“As tears fell from my eyes, he kissed my hands. He told me how much he loved them, how he could pick them out of a crowd of people. Before they wheeled him off to his final surgery, we made love. ‘If I’m going to die, I want to die happy!’ He sang the electric slide on his way out, trying to get people in the hallway to join in. When the surgeon returned, I saw blood on his shoes. ‘It’s okay to go now, John. It’s okay.’ I kissed his face. It was unrecognizable.”

‘If this ruptures, it will kill your wife and baby.’ My wife looked at me. ‘Save the baby.’ Our excitement turned to dread.’: Mom births baby with Complex Congenital Heart Disease, dad in awe of son’s ‘strength, resilience’

“Two months before our due date, I heard my wife scream, ‘Brian, come quick!’ I hurried upstairs to find her crouched on the bathroom floor, groaning in pain. After hours in the waiting room, I was called back to see her. Even under all the stress and exhaustion, she looked beautiful. ‘Can you handle a child like this? With heart defects?’ We both answered, ‘Yes.’ We never felt so scared in our lives.”

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