single mom

‘Why I find single moms so incredibly attractive’

“There’s no ‘Honey Do’ list for single moms. There’s a ‘I have to do this list’ they make for themselves. That amount of grit and determination is so unbelievably beautiful to me.”

‘Being a single mom by choice? Not the most common. I spent years hoping I’d find a husband, have kids. At 33, and several failed relationships later, I gave up. It was time to do it on my own.’ Single woman told she has ‘no fertility issues,’ faces battle in pursuit of pregnancy

“I was out shopping and went to the bathroom. My mom looked over at me, tears in my eyes, and asked what was wrong. I was bleeding! I prayed, thought good baby thoughts. After all, I had no fertility issues, right? Yet this went on for months. With each month, I lost hope. All I thought and dreamt about was having a baby. I cried thinking that might never be me.”

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