special needs

‘The baby was born in his bed.’ This was the text I received. We knew this child was coming, but not like this.’: Woman adopts relative’s child who suffers from chronic illness but has ‘made leaps and bounds in her development’

“I had just turned 21, was single, the thought of raising a baby seemed insane, but the desire wouldn’t leave my mind. The first night home, she screamed for hours. I felt so helpless. She was a sleeping angel in the NICU. In desperation, I remember rocking her with tears streaming down my face. ‘You tricked me.’ I was so overwhelmed. I was in over my head.”

‘Whoa! He has some really blonde hair.’ I JUST KNEW. My husband smiled. ‘He’s an albino.’: Mother of 2 sons with albinism says the best thing she can instill in them is ‘confidence’

“The doctor was staring inside me with a flashlight. We realized there was something extra special with him when nurses were coming in to see the ‘baby with the white hair.’ It was so white it would sparkle in the sunlight. My mother in law stared in awe and said, ‘He’s like a special little fairy.’”

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