suicide attempt

‘My son came to my house with the cops. ‘YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM,’ I screamed. In one second, everything I had tried to protect was gone. He wouldn’t look at me as I cried.’

“Imagine being 15, standing in a house, and this person you have NEVER known walks in fresh out of prison? I got a call from my son. ‘Mom… Smith was at my grandma’s.’ I fell to the ground. My heart was racing so hard I could feel it in my throat. I drove roads at 4 a.m. looking for him. I had no idea where he was.”

‘Miss, I have your father’s autopsy results,’ the coroner said. ‘He felt absolutely nothing.’ I quickly asked, ‘It wasn’t an overdose?!’ ‘No drugs were detected, ma’am.’ I cried hysterically.’

“‘We can’t reach him,’ he said. My grandpa was at my dad’s apartment trying to get in. Police arrived. ‘Do we have permission to break in?’ The officer kicked the door down. ‘Dad!,’ my sister screamed. A police officer held our grandpa back. ‘Dana wake him up, get him up!’ All she could say was, ‘Grandpa, I am so sorry.'”

‘I remember thinking, ‘What the hell is conversion therapy?’ She introduced me to ‘Pastor Jake.’ He was going to ‘take good care of me.’ I immediately wanted to leave.’

“He told me how he is an ‘ex-gay.’ After he placed the ‘electrodes’ on my body, he turned on the projector. He showed me ‘homoerotica’ images, and if I became ‘excited,’ it would send a shock throughout my entire body. He did it repeatedly until I passed out. He told me he ‘didn’t need permission from parents.'”

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