‘I put you in your mom’s arms so you could be snuggled while you drifted off to sleep. I hid behind the curtain and shed silent tears. I still hear the echo of, ‘I’m so sorry, but he is gone.’: Nurse recalls ‘absolute honor’ of caring for CHD patient

“I remember every single detail about this day. I knew what I was coming into, but in no way was I prepared for it. Your nurses before me had gotten you so handsome, dressed for your family. You looked so small in that big bed.”

‘Can you wipe my eyes? Can you make my tears stop?’ We sat in silence as my 90-year-old father’s tears fell. He was going to be alone for the first time in 69 years.’: Elderly man’s emotional final goodbye to his beloved wife

“He laid his head on her chest. He kissed her and he cried. He told her how much he loved her. He said he wouldn’t trade one day of his life with her. He said he would marry her all over again. He said he will see her soon, and to hold the door for him.”

‘Thank you for taking a child in need.’ Without missing a beat, my husband replied, ‘We needed her more.’: After battling infertility, infant loss, failed adoption, couple adopt their ‘forever daughter’ from foster care

“Our phone rang. ‘I have a 16-day-old baby girl ready to be discharged…’ Truth be told, my husband and I agreed we wouldn’t foster an infant. NO WAY would we experience infant loss…AGAIN. We came up with so many reasons to say ‘no.’ We had a big vacation just 3 weeks away, 2 children under 2. The list goes on. We had 5 minutes to decide. Our hearts were heavy.”

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