wedding day

‘My fiance, a firefighter, arrived to help a drunk driver at the scene when he was hit by another drunk driver, also a firefighter.’: Woman loses fiance months before wedding, honors him with special wedding photo shoot

“That night, I told my fiance I had to leave early to make dessert for Thanksgiving. I texted him I made it home safely. He never responded. I thought he’d fallen asleep. My home phone rang. I remember hearing my dad say, ‘He didn’t make it!’ and my mom bawling in the background. I was so confused. I thought my sister’s husband had gotten into an accident, but they came into my room instead. The love of my life had died.”

‘In my dream, this man I didn’t know was so clear in my mind. 2 days later, I saw a guy standing by the lake. It was him!’: Woman in awe after ‘the power of faith’ and ‘waiting’ brought her the love of her life

“I was single and hadn’t dated for over 10 years. As we got closer to the dock, I immediately recognized him. My heart instantly put up a guard. I mean, the last time I saw this guy was in my dream and I’d lost sleep because all I could see was his face! My friends and family were shocked this wonderful man seemed to have been dropped down into my life. ‘Where did he come from?!’ I kept hearing. When I looked back at my journal, I wrote about the qualities I prayed for in my future husband. I cried as I flipped through the pages. It was so clear it was him.”

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