‘There was a young family at the airport. Only one set of luggage though. He was freshly shaven, 3 large bags. They called for boarding, he picked his daughter up and kissed her goodbye. She didn’t want to let him go.’

“We got to our seats on the flight and he pulled out his phone. He was doing what we all do. He wanted to take photos for his wife and his daughter to keep them, but he was too embarrassed because of all the fancy businessmen who might see it and judge him.”

‘We were called to foster a sweet 3-year-old for a weekend. That weekend turned into a week. That week into months. Those months into years. That little boy is now our son, Michael.’ Mom reunites brothers in emotional adoption journey

“Months later, Michael caught a glimpse of his older brother from across the playground. He ran with all his might and jumped into his arms. I was only 23 at the time and the idea of fostering older kids seemed unfathomable. But in that second, Stuart and I looked at each other and knew that Dayshawn and Michael needed to be together.”

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